Guidelines for Protecting Pets from Hazards during the Holiday Season

Chicago, IL – As the festivities of Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas and the New Year are celebrated by families with their loved ones, extra special attention must be given to hazards in the home, which can affect the safety and health of pets. Holidays are a very special time of the year and can be […]

Protecting Pets from Dangerous Winter Conditions

Chicago, IL—The start of dangerously cold, adverse weather conditions in Chicago metropolitan area requires immediate action from pet owners. The Chicago Veterinary Medical Association provides the following guidelines for the public to keep their pets safe from the weather hazards and prevent serious health threats.

Cold weather can be as dangerous for pets, as it […]

Protecting Pets from Adverse and Dangerous Winter Conditions

Protecting Pets from Adverse and Dangerous Winter ConditionsChicago, IL— The Chicago metropolitan area was inundated by the Blizzard of 2011 less than three years ago. This winter, pet owners throughout the Chicago metropolitan area must be prepared as the earliest below zero Fahrenheit temperatures seen in the past 18 years have arrived in Chicago. […]

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