Five tips on How to Keep Yourself Safe

1.) Lather, scrub, rinse and repeat!!
Wash your hands with soap and water often. Make sure to lather for at least 20 seconds prior to rinsing the soap off for best results.

2.) Stay home whenever possible.
Though this can become boring and monotonous, think of it as a great opportunity to read a good book or binge a new TV series.

3.) When you do have to go out in public, wear a face-mask.
Even if you have to make one yourself, a homemade cloth barrier is better than no barrier!

4.) Try to keep at least 6 feet apart from other people.
Even though this can be tough to do at times, try your best and encourage others to follow your example.

5.) Disinfectant is your friend!
COVID-19 can survive on plastic and metals surfaces for at least 3 days, so use disinfectant to sanitize surfaces whenever possible.

Five tips on How to Keep Others Safe

1.) Take your temperature every morning.
If you have a fever, then please stay home and contact your physician.

2.) Monitor yourself daily for signs of COVID-19.
Symptoms of COVID-19 infection may include the following; cough, fever and shortness of breath. If seen, please contact your physician ASAP.

3.) If you are sick, quarantine yourself away from people and animals for ideally 2 weeks. Although, we haven’t seen evidence of animals being able to harbor COVID-19 or pass it on to humans, we recommend an overabundance of caution until more is known.

The next 2 are repeats from above, but just as important for others as for yourself.

4.) Wear a face-mask in public!
Even if you aren’t showing signs of COVID-19 infection, you could still be silently carrying the disease. Remember a hand-made cloth barrier is better than no barrier.

5.) Try to maintain that social distancing!
Remember the magic measurement is six feet.

Five tips on How to Reduce Stress while in Quarantine

1.) Stay connected to your friends and family through virtual means.
Schedule a virtual Sunday Night Dinner with family members, or a Game Night with friends, or a Happy Hour with colleagues. Remind yourself that we are all in the same boat.

2.) Get out of the house each day for a walk.
Breathe the fresh air and stretch your legs, while still maintaining proper social distancing from others you may see outside.

3.) Work out!
Although this can be a source of stress for some, movement and working up a bit of a sweat can release a lot of tension.

4.) Utilize any financial aid programs that may apply to you.
For more information, please reference;

5.) Stretch and meditate.
Start and end each day with five minutes of meditation. Clear your mind, focus on your breaths, and release tension through stretching.