The CVMA is an association of over 1000 veterinarians and 4000 support staff who lovingly assist more than one million Chicago area pets and their families.

The membership of the CVMA is dedicated to the health and well being of animals through its nurturing of the human animal bond. The CVMA will strive to fulfill the diversified needs of its members by providing nationally recognized CE programs, cultivating membership involvement, and offering innovative member services and exemplary public awareness.

Since 1896, the CVMA has continued a proud tradition of providing its members with vital services and programs which have expanded dramatically over a century to meet the ever-changing needs of the veterinary profession and its diverse patients and clients.

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Chicago Veterinary Medical Association is to provide its members opportunities for:

  • Professional enrichment and communication.
  • Quality continuing education.
  • Dissemination of information to the public promoting the health and well being of animals.
Officers President Dr. Benjamin Welbourne
  President-Elect Dr. Tracey Maione
  Secretary Dr. Priya Bhatt
  Treasurer Dr. Ajaz Alvi
  Past-President Dr. Rosemarie Niznik
Board of Directors
  3-Year Dr. Charlie Benson
Dr. Kiran Singh
Dr. Dana Wilis-Henderson
  2-Year Dr. Amanda Full
Dr. Audrey Keller
Dr. Linda Kopija
  1-Year Dr. Kirsten Plomin
Dr. Robert Plourde
ISVMA Representatives Dr. Todd Florian
Dr. Shannon Greeley
Dr. David Saidel
Executive Director Richard Susralski
Administrative Assistant Jessica Curtis
Director of Public Education & Media Relations Eric Voogd
Legal Council Norm Bloch